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Colema Board Reviews

"Hello, my name is Sam. I started using the Colema boards about 5 years ago and I must say that I have had great results. I researched it due to my continuous battle with constipation. I am 60 years old and I have tried just about every type of product on the market. I had even tried and enema, which never seemed to work either. I then heard about this colon irrigation home systems and decided to by one. Even though it seemed to be more of an alternative style of cleansing. I have had tremendous relief from my constipation and even though it is not entirely gone I am suffering about 80% less." - Sam (CA)


"I have just used the Colema Boards and I have already lost b 8 pounds. WOW... .I am so excited, my stomach seems flatter and I have more of an hour glass figure. I am hoping to get more energized as I cleaned my colon out and all the old poop came out." - Anonyms

After 2 months of using a Colema Board

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"My family has been using the Colema boards for many years. We all wanted a healthy plan and lifestyle and part of our plan was to eat high fiber diets which will help the cleanse process and the other part of our plan was to flush out all the toxic waste that was already lining our colon. We have had varied results. My daughter lost weight and felt more energetic. My wife seems to have less stomach cramping and I really just feel better overall." - Singer Family (WY)


Clean colon after 6 irrigation session

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