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Colema Board Accessories

Colema boards are actually part of a colonic irrigation kit. There are multiple parts that it comes with and there are additional accessories that you can purchase. The accessories that you get with the home kit include a comfort pad, which is just a small pad that makes the hard plastic board more comfortable. Medical tubing is another accessory that comes with the kit. Rectal tips are included in the package along with a siphon syringe. The last product is a bucket that gets the water inserted in it. This is the basic kit and all the accessories that comes with.



Home Colon Irrigation Board and Bucket

colema boardcolema board



All products that make up the kit can be replaced through The wonderful thing about these kits are that they can be used by more than one person. You can purchase multiple rectal tips or even multiple accessories and this is and the board and bucket and other accessories like the clamp can be used by everyone. The whole family can do colon cleansing at home.

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